It takes about 10 minutes by courtesy bus from Hotel JAL City to Haneda Hotel.
It is convenient to use transportation means, or go to sightseeing: scenic-spots in Tokyo,
Theme Park of Urayasu or Chinatown in Yokoyama.

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Toshin (Central) Area

  • Marunouchi


    35 minutes from hotel

    There are a lot of stylish commercial premises and modern architectures, especially Tokyo Station’s iconic brick building.You can find restaurants, shopping malls, Art Museum.An adult can enjoy various entertainment in this district.

  • Ginza
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    40 minutes from hotel

    Ginza is considered as one gathering place of not only the most luxurious stores in the world but also Japan's original shops.You will be attracted by Michelin popular restaurants, Kabuki theater that are new landmarks of Ginza.

  • Shinjuku
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Shinjuku Station with JR lines is said the busiest station in the world. When night comes, Shinjuku becomes a masterpiece that is made by dazzling scenery seen from high-rise buildings. You also can view Shinjuku Gyo-en, a large park and garden in Shinjuku and Shibuya, an oasis in the city.

  • Shibuya
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Shibuya dispatches youth culture that understands "now" in Tokyo.This area gathers the fashion centers and lively houses, particularly for young people. You can feel the young people's enthusiasm in here.Shibuya is famous for its scramble crossing and the statue of Hachiko in front of of Shibuya Station.

  • Harajuku
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    50 minutes from hotel

    Harajuku is known internationally as the birthplace of Japanese KAWAII(=cute) culture. You can find and enjoy fashion stores or the selected specialty sweets stores..You can find attractive stores with branded fashion, art spots and Omotesandō avenue within walking range.

  • Roppongi
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    50 minutes from hotel

    This area is the large complex facilities such as Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown Tower. Roppongi is also know as the city of art with cultural facilities such as the Mori Art Museum and the National Art Center.

Odaiba Area

  • Odaiba
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    55 minutes from hotel

    Your family can spend 1 day at Daiba- waterfront of Tokyo- with the large parks, commercial facilities, super public baths.We recommend you should ride bus on water to feel the refreshing sea breeze of Tokyo Bay

  • Toyosu
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    60 minutes from hotel

    An oasis is surrounded by water-race channels that make feeling the sea breeze no matter where you are.You can spend 1day for enjoying in parks, cinemas, shopping centers or grill BBQ at scenic-spots.

  • Haneda Airport
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    Haneda Airport

    10 minutes from hotel

    Haneda Airport is known as the outing spot. In addition to gourmet and shopping places, there are plenty of places to view such as airport gallery or observation deck, planetarium where you can see night view or flights.

Ueno / Asakusa / Ryogoku Area

  • Ueno
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    50 minutes from hotel

    Ueno is known as the gathering area of Tokyo's finest cultural sites, including the National museum of Western Art, the National Museum, and Ueno Zoo with a lot of pandas.You can enjoy with street market district in this area such as Jewelry wholesale district, Ameyoko shopping street.

  • Asakusa
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    40 minutes from hotel

    Kaminarimon and Sensoji temple is a landmark. Asakusa Hanayashiki is known as the oldest amusement park in Japan.You can approach to things from Edo as pulled rickshaw. Asakusa has many restaurants and places to try traditional Japanese foods such as Sukiyaki,the famous tempura, or enjoy at Japan's first bar.

  • Akihabara
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    50 minutes from hotel

    Akihabara can be called as Electric Town that is a shopping district of from the latest electric products to professional electronic components.This area dislays Japan's pop culture with maid cafés, animations, idols.

  • Ryogoku
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    60 minutes from hotel

    When coming to this area, you find out Japan's intersting culture such as meeting Sumo on streets, or art museum of Hokusai -the unique Japanese traditional art. You are served chanko-nabe- the dishes with a lot of nutrition for sumo.

  • Oshiage


    50 minutes from hotel

    A new oldtown with Tokyo Sky Tree Town. Oshiage is a center of shopping and entertainment for enjoying such as Tokyo Sky Tree with the world's highest height self-contained radio tower, TOKYO Solamachi,Sumida Aquarium.

  • Shibamata


    75 minutes from hotel

    This city is famous with film series "It's Tough Being a Man".The atmosphere at here is full of downtown emotions like the film studio.And only here in Japan, can you be taken across river by ferry that was originated from the Edo times.

Nakano / Koenji Area

  • 中野
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Nakano is the place of shopping areas, small theaters, shrines and temples. Scenic-Spot you should not miss when coming to Nakano is Nakano Broadway, where there are several hobby shops, clothing items shops, Fortune-telling shops.

  • 高円寺


    70 minutes from hotel

    The Koenji is the well-known area for used clothing shopping, a city of music. In addition, there are a lot of shops of used clothing from old days to now, public baths, and live bars are loved by young and old people.

  • 阿佐ヶ谷
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    70 minutes from hotel

    You can learn Asagaya culture through famous tea ceremony and mini theater, shopping streets.Tanabata festival, held in the first week of August every year, is the large festival at Asagaya and is known as one of Three Major Tanabata Festivals by its name in Japan.

Meguro / Ebisu Area

  • Sangenjaya


    60 minutes from hotel

    Sangenjaya is the city where trendy shops and bistros, shopping districts of downtown are blended together naturally.There are many distinctive shops or bars, you can have a great time with wine/osake until the next morning.

  • Shimokitazawa


    60 minutes from hotel

    Shimokitazawa is known as the entertainment district or Tokyo's subculture house where there are small fashion retailers, small theaters, live music venues. High-end clothing stores and record shops, retro cafés are located next to each other, making Shimokitazawa's difference. It becomes a part of the charm of Shimokitazawa.

  • Meguro


    40 minutes from hotel

    Meguro is known as the stage of comedy 'Meguro Sanama'.There are spots and events that accord to adult holidays such as cherry trees along the Meguro River when spring comes, Meguro Autumn Sanma Festival, or museums and natural parks.

  • Ebisu


    50 minutes from hotel

    Ebisu is one of the brightest areas in Tokyo. Located near Shibuya ward, Ebisu has a fresh atmosphere, that helps you to be away from hustle of the Shibuya, nearby city of Ebisu.There is a number of fashion shops and gourmet, well-organized stores.

  • Shinagawa
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    16 minutes from hotel

    Shinagawa is one of the busiest cities, because Shinagawa station is served by not only the Shinkansen, the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line but also the conventional train line everyday.You can go to see museum of Japan's first costume, the museum of the camera, aquarium or food theme park.

Ikebukuro / Iidabashi Area

  • Ikebukuro
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Ikebukuro is a luxurious city like Shibuya, Shinjuku in Tokyo. Ikebukuro gathers multinational gourmets and ramen shops.You can also enjoy art related events, mainly at the Tokyo Art Theater, a public art center.

  • Kagurazaka
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Kagurazaka is called a small Paris in Tokyo. There is a wonderful landscape that makes you forget things in the city.If you walk in the cobblestone alley, you will find out famous restaurants and good grocery stores.

  • Iidabashi
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    60 minutes from hotel

    Iidabashi is not only city of schools, offices, the popular restaurants but also a spiritual spot such as Tokyo Okamiya where there is belief in the god of marriage. It is wonderful to take a long walk around Tokyo Dome before seeing baseball game or live music.

Tama Area

  • Kichijoji
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    75 minutes from hotel

    Inokashira Park is a favorite spot, where you can spend your weekend such as jogging or reading on bench.The place also has shopping streets in front of the station to enjoy shopping and meals.

  • Mitaka


    75 minutes from hotel

    You can touch wonderful art Work as Osamu Dazai literary salon and Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka at Mitaka. Ghibli Museum is quite a popular museum in the world, where the works of the Japanese animation Ghibli Studio are displayed.

  • Mt. Takao
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    Mt. Takao

    140 minutes from hotel

    Mount Takao is designated as a Michelin three star along with Mount Fuji. It takes a one day trip to enjoy in here from the city center. You will find out a lot of interesting things such as hiking, Saru garden or training at the medicinal ceremony.

Nearby prefectures

  • Yokohama


    30 minutes from hotel

    Yokohama is the best port city of Tokyo. And there are a lot of sight-seeing spots attracting visitors such as Yokohama Chinatown, Motomachi, the central business district of Minato Mirai, or fashionable shops. Yokoyama is romatic city for couple dating.

  • Urayasu/Maihama


    60 minutes from hotel

    This area has parks and facilities comfortable for couples, family to spend relax time such as Tokyo Disney Resort. You will have great time with your special persons on holidays at clam hunting, grilling BBQ in park, or aquatic aquarium, hot spring facilities.

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