At the lobby, an airport runway welcomes you, the reception guide you to the guest lounge.
Japanese finest fine arts are presented in stylish themes, bringing relaxation to guests.

  • Staying plan

[Check in: 15:00 / Check out:11:00]

About check-in, check-out

Check in:
Check out:

※Each plan has a difference offer (ex: Free extension possible) . Please contact us.

Notice about check in time

If you check in from 23.00 p.m.~ 24.00 midnight, it takes a lot of time for procedure. We will try our best to finish quickly. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Recommend not check in in this time if possible.

You can use high speed Wifi anytime anywhere in hotel.


  • In the event of virus infection, loss of information, or other damage in the event of using the service, we do not take any responsibility.
  • Please note that depending on the customer's communication terminal environment and line congestion status, communication speed may be lowered or it may not be connected.
  • Hotel cannot provide any suport on the personal computer, communication terminal environment and various settings.

Room facilities


Warm welcom to our Hotel.

Vendors Corner

Beverages selling machines and ice machines available at all floors.


Guests are freely able to enjoy soda fountain.


Smoking corner

Out of this corner is no smoking (including in your room)

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